Welcome to the team!

We are so lucky to have these passionate people by our side on this incredibly tasty journey.

Jane Visram


Unable to find anything in the market which satisfied her desires, she decided to start making her own: so began the Mama Dolce story. As an ambitious woman, it was important for her to build a company which embodied a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Claire Munday

Copy and Content Writer

Claire joins us on her path towards a career change. With over a decade's experience working in media, she is casting a fresh eye over our video output. But with her ultimate goal of becoming a copywriter, she hit the ground running by proofreading and editing our website, and will be contributing to our content and social feeds.

Alfie Booth

Sales and Logistics

Alfie has shifted to a sales and logistics role, making sure you get the best service and we stay one step ahead of the competition. Having completed a degree in advertising and digital marketing at the University of Northampton, Alfie has been putting his learnings to good use while learning new skills at the same time.

Callum Morriss

Graphic Designer

Joining us off the back of a Graphic Design apprenticeship, Callum is helping lend a keen design eye to the various exciting projects we’re working on. Here to both grow his own design skills and help establish the brand, he’s a welcome addition to the Mama Dolce team!

Alannah White

Marketing Analyst

Alannah has recently joined the team after completing an English and Creative Writing degree at the University of Portsmouth. She has primarily been working within marketing, helping to tell the story of Mama Dolce. She is looking forward to developing her skills and gaining industry knowledge while continuing to constantly learn more.

Danielle Hodger

Social Media and Marketing Analyst

Danielle is helping the social media and marketing department. She is excited to help Mama Dolce find new innovative ways to help to gain more brand awareness, as she already has some experience with startup businesses so she’s very excited to join the team to see where it’ll go.