The Importance of Community and Shared Values

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Ice cream and fitness don't sound like two peas in a pod, but Mama Dolce and Classmate prove otherwise

It’s essential to have a support system around you, people that push you to be better. Who sees your potential and capabilities and wants you to strive for greatness. Sanne Fouquet, the founder of the social fitness app Classmate, and Jane Visram, the founder of Mama Dolce, are a part of the same entrepreneurial support network. Though they are from different industries, they both share similar values, especially when it comes to the joy of shared experiences.

It was a reminder for the two of them that they’re both trying to present healthier, sustainable options to their communities, which is a beautiful message that more need to hear about.

Before we continue, let's introduce you properly to Classmate

Classmate is a social fitness app, allowing you to do a class workout with trained fitness instructors but from the comfort of your own home. It also allows you to work out with friends wherever they are in the world. It's amazing for those who love to interact and engage with their friends to uplift and support one another.

The importance of community

Although Mama Dolce and Classmate are in different fields, that doesn't change anything. There are more similarities than differences between the concepts for each company. We both want to provide the community with healthy, reliable and sustainable ways to change things for the better.

Jane and Sanne recently chatted together on an IG live to discuss their journey so far. Both can relate to a few things - starting a business during the lockdown, experiencing similar challenges and struggles, and realising how lonely the journey can be - especially without having your friends or family members with you to provide that supportive system.

But how do you build a community of people who share your values?

By pushing, elevating and motivating each other to reach our highest potential - that's exactly what we do with the Rising Stars series. We use our platform to shine a spotlight on other entrepreneurs we admire from underrepresented groups. By sharing their business journeys, we emphasise the importance of supporting each other. It's wonderful to hear them say how food brings people together.

For others, building a community could be outside the work environment and could be the physical act of working out with friends. With Classmate, you can do just that. In time you’ll improve and enhance both your physical fitness and mental & emotional wellbeing.

At Mama Dolce, we want everyone to enjoy the magic of sharing food. For Classmate, it’s social connection and motivation through exercise. Both value the shared experience. Both support each other. While Sanne can’t wait to try our ice cream, one of our team members gave Classmate a go, and you can read their review here.

How else are Mama Dolce and Classmate aligned?

It’s beautiful how community brings people together, whether you’re reconnecting with your loved ones or meeting someone new. They both help lighten the mood, whatever the situation.

There’s a synergy between how food and movement can bring us together. Have you noticed that when you take a bite into something delicious, you start moving around? It’s out of enjoyment and happiness? Or how vital it is for you to fuel your bodies before and after you work out?

Although Mama Dolce and Classmate are in different industries, their shared values and support for each other bring them together. We can't wait to see how both our journeys continue to unfold. We hope you continue to join us both for the ride!

free-from,with love x

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