Starting a Business: The Future For Female Founders

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

With male founded start-ups outnumbering female founded start-ups by nearly 10 to 1, Mama Dolce’s Jane Visram is changing the statistics

Research from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reveals that female-only founded businesses have doubled over the past decade. It’s fantastic to learn that more and more entrepreneurs like our founder Jane are working towards balancing the scale. But there is a long way to go yet before we see equality.

Jane Visram, Mama Dolce founder

BCG discovered that for every ten male-only founded start-ups, there is only one founded solely by a woman/women. Part of the problem is a lack of diversity at the top. As of 2020, in the UK there are only five FTSE 100 companies that are led by women.

One of the biggest hurdles female entrepreneurs face when starting a business is finding investors. According to BCG, they are not only 16% less likely to get funding than their male counterparts, but those that do, receive 30% less investment.

However, positive change is coming. The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship has put forward various initiatives “designed to deliver coordinated tangible improvements” across three areas:

  • funding

  • family care support

  • accessibility through local support, mentoring, and networking.

Jane is one of a growing number of women who hopes the change comes sooner rather than later – especially regarding funding. By joining Mama Dolce’s journey, you’ll be doing more than helping Jane get her luxury, free-from ice cream out there. Once Mama Dolce reaches a profitable status, she has huge plans to help the underprivileged and underrepresented in society.

Women may be in the minority when it comes to running their own company but action is being taken to make the playing field fairer. We can all help though. Let’s celebrate our female-founders by shouting about their successes and encouraging future ones to brave the world of business.

Which female entrepreneurs do you admire? Share your thoughts below! Or reach out on our social.

free-from, with love x

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