Rising Stars: Daniel Suppey

We welcome Daniel Suppey as this month's Rising Star. The founder of Kyon Drinks shares his journey so far in the industry as well as the wealth of experience he’s gained from starting his own business and some of the advice he has for anyone else just starting out.

So what is your story and where did it all start?

I was born in Ghana and came to England once I had completed my A-levels, and after I studied Economics and Information Systems I started my career working in Financial Services for almost 20 years. That is until I was inspired to start up my own business. I loved hosting and I loved experimenting with herbs and spices, inventing my own “mocktails” that were fiery and bold to step out of the typical canned flavours we’re all used to. Which is why when the idea struck me to make something special for my non-drinking lunch guests in order to make them feel more at home, that idea grew into a dream come true! I started making Ppinger for free to start for friends and family who demanded more, and that's when I realized this was going to be big so I quickly got to work founding Kyon Drinks which so far has been an incredible experience and with the rest yet to come, I can only hope for it to be just as rewarding because I get to do what I’ve always loved doing.

About 15 years prior to all of this, I had made a firm decision to quit drinking the occasional wine and champagne I would drink socially. My oldest brother (may his soul rest in peace) was super intelligent, and yet had a weakness with the bottle. My brother drank himself out of his role at the US Embassy where he worked until he destroyed his liver and died. Whiles many people can control how much alcohol they drink, there are yet many who struggle to stay within limits. I decided to stay away, and yet sometimes it was hard to find really interesting non-alcoholic alternatives!

What was it about the food and beverage industry that motivated you into creating Kyon Drinks?

The thing about the food and drink industry is its avenue for potential. I always had a knack for creating interesting flavours but never paid it much mind, that is until I created our signature soft drink which got people really interested in what I had to offer. This industry is always evolving and everyone is always on the lookout for something new which is how Kyon Drinks really took off.

What would you say was the biggest obstacle to overcome when starting your business?

Wow! There has been a lot. Since we started out in Financial Services, our experience in starting up our own company was a very new one that brought about many new challenges and problems we had to learn how to navigate and overcome as they came. But even the challenges made for just more opportunities for us to do better which hasn’t been bad at all. We had a lot to learn, but thankfully it was really worth it for how far we’ve come since.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

We want to be selling 500,000 of our bottles a month! That would possibly be 500,000 people drinking more healthy but exciting non-alcoholic alternatives. That could be 500,000 changed lives.

Do you think that Kyon Drinks will inspire future generations of food entrepreneurs and food creatives thinking about entering the industry?

I hope so. The best way to inspire is by leading by example and so long as we continue to do what we do until we become a great and visible success story. It will show anyone else starting out in the industry just how worth it will be regardless of how knowledgeable or new you are to this. So long as you have a passion for what you do, you’ll be ok.

Could you tell us what the most rewarding part of your journey has been so far?

The smiles that our recipes bring to people’s faces is by far the highlight for me. Seeing something that you created be enjoyed and talked about so highly is another kind of joy and was really what started Kyons journey in the first place. Seeing friends and family demand seconds because you’ve made something too good to not share is what inspired me to keep doing what I love doing.

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