Launching A Product During A Pandemic Is Not Without Its Challenges

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Mama Dolce reveals how we found new ways to push the business forward and hopes our story inspires budding entrepreneurs on their lockdown journey and beyond

Indulgent and luxury free-from dessert - dairy free ice cream

2020. What can we say that’s not already been said about last year? Hardly a great start to the revival of the roaring twenties. But let’s not dwell too much on what can’t be changed, and instead focus on what can.

Pre-quarantine, we were in the factory adapting all of our recipes for the production line. Though we could no longer go to the factory, we were still learning so much about the process of ice cream making, while staying true to our core values of creating tasty, free-from ice cream.

We utilised the pauses between lockdowns 1 and 2 to perfect our recipes at the factory, held virtual design meetings to enhance our packaging, and successfully carried out socially distanced drop-offs of our samples, allowing us to get precious feedback. Primarily, this time in our homes has given Mama Dolce the chance to really work on the foundation to why we have started this business, making sure our work reflects our values at every level.

And of course, we couldn’t have stayed hopeful and made it this far without the incredible volunteers pushing us forward in everything from branding to marketing and logistics - shout out to the dream team!

Lockdown has taught us to be patient but also to seize as many opportunities thrown at us as possible. Like many businesses, we’ve had to react to the current state of play. Founder Jane Visram started her free-from dessert business after a lightbulb moment while sitting in a theatre. The dream was to be the go-to tasty treat in theatres, on trains and planes, and of course when dining out. Now our model has transitioned to direct to consumer (but we still have hopes that our original plan will come to fruition).

On January 4th, we launched our crowdfunding campaign - the same day it was announced we were going into lockdown 3. However, our fabulous supporters rallied behind us and we reached our target! They are all now part of the Mama Dolce story. It has been a whirlwind and we cannot wait to send out the rewards to you wonderful people.

free-from, with love x

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