Indulgence Without The Compromise

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

When a product or brand describes itself as a luxury, what does that actually mean?

Indulgent and luxury dessert

The definition of luxury: “distinction because of either their quantity or quality” - Marijke van der Veen, In other words, it means to use the best ingredients in a product where consumers can taste the difference.

Mama Dolce Coconilla flavour served in a coconut

Here at Mama Dolce, we aren’t afraid to qualify our ‘luxury’ status, because we believe our free-from ice cream gives nothing less than total indulgence. How? By prioritising high-quality, natural, and sustainable ingredients in each of our recipes.

By researching all of our ingredients in-depth, it means our customers suffering from the six most common food allergies found in ice cream (dairy, nuts, eggs, soya, gluten, and wheat) don’t have to. And we refuse to add in unnecessary chemicals because we understand that a free-from product should always aim to minimise any risk of irritation.

When our founder Jane Visram began the Mama Dolce journey, she dreamed of creating a luxury product that anyone and everyone could enjoy regardless of food allergies and intolerances. This is the element of ‘luxury’ we are most proud of: the magic of sharing food with friends and family.

The magic of sharing food

National Geographic collected a series of images under the title ‘The Joy of Food’, telling the history of sharing foods as “more than survival;” as a way to “make friends, court lovers, and count our blessings.” Thanks to Mama Dolce, the bond created when sharing food with friends, family, even strangers, is a luxury that is now accessible to all.

free-from, with love x

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