Female Entrepreneurs Making an Impact: Maame Opoku

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

‘From our lands to your hands’ Maame Opoku is on a mission to share the best that nature has to offer so we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle

Celebrating International Women's Day with female entrepreneur Maame Opoku

Last week we caught up with Maame Opoku, female entrepreneur and co-founder of the natural beauty and wellness company MamaSia. Missed the chat? Learn more about Maame’s journey from her roots in Ghana to making a social impact in the UK.

It’s no wonder that Maame is making her mark in the world of sustainable beauty products. Her natural curiosity as a child meant that she was always asking questions about the world around her. Born in the UK and schooled partially in Ghana, Maame would spend her school holidays on the farm. This is where she acquired her knowledge of natural ingredients and traditional production methods from her community elders.

Maame Opoku collecting shea nuts with her extended family in Larabanga, Ghana
Maame collecting shea nuts with her extended family in Larabanga, Ghana

Travelling back and forth between Ghana and the UK, Maame realised that there was a real opportunity to share what she had learned with the UK community. Bringing home shea butter proved to be the kick-start that she needed. Inspired to pursue her interest in natural beauty therapy and traditional health treatments, the MamaSia brand came to life.

Since 2012, the company has gone from strength to strength and now produces a range of hair and skincare beauty products and superfoods such as sea moss. You can read about some of the benefits of sea moss in our article here.

Maame Opoku picking shea nuts in the forest
Maame picking shea nuts

At the heart of everything is MamaSia’s vision to Share, Inspire and Assist. With Maame’s wealth of knowledge about natural ingredients, she creates products that marry the best of traditional African methods with modern British beauty standards. We can learn a lot from these traditional African farming practices where nothing is wasted, and everything has a purpose.

Connection to the community and lands in Larabanga means every stage of the process is done ethically with sustainability at the forefront. The women in Larabanga do everything themselves from gathering raw materials to refining these to create the final products.

Maame Opoku and her extended family making shea butter
Maame and her extended family making shea butter

Maame is an advocate for all of us taking steps towards living more sustainable lifestyles whether through our small consumer choices or our own entrepreneurial ventures. One of the most rewarding parts of Maame’s work in the UK is having the opportunity to support students through MamaSia’s Journey to Wellness workshops. By imparting knowledge and sharing her journey, she helps and inspires the next generation of entrepreneurs at the beginning stages of their business journeys.

Maame never loses sight of her roots. MamaSia is committed to helping the female workers in Larabanga become self-sufficient, financially independent and economically resourceful. This commitment to social change extends even further; MamaSia’s goal is to enable all people of Larabanga to have access to clean water by the end of 2022.

Maame is on a mission to empower people to live their best lives and make a positive change for the world while they’re at it. We are in awe of Maame and MamaSia’s social impact and aim to follow in their footsteps by helping future generations.

Where are you on your journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle? Reach out to us on our social and tell us the steps you’re taking!

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