Crowdfunding Complete But What’s Next?

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Following a successful campaign, we share more details on how we intend to use the funds to push the business forward

Mama Dolce mango luxury free-from ice cream

What a whirlwind start to 2021. We launched our crowdfunding campaign on January 4th and five weeks later smashed past our £15,000 target! Thanks to our 151 supporters, we raised a total of £16,074. It’s fantastic news for Jane. As a female-founder, statistically, she is less likely to receive funding than her male counterparts. So, it’s humbling to know people have faith in her, the product and Mama Dolce’s values.

What are our next steps?

Now that we’ve received the funds, we can start making the first-ever production run of our luxury, free-from ice cream at the factory. We will also get to see our packaging come to life following the months of hard work our design team have put into finessing it.

Mama Dolce's 6 launch flavours

The big test for us will be the logistics process. This will be the first time we put our planning into practice on a larger scale and directly to consumers. We are so looking forward to delivering directly to our supporters.

Our crowdfund supporters are also helping to shape the future of our brand. By discovering which flavours appeal to them the most, why they chose to back us and hearing their feedback on our packaging, we can fine-tune our presence. Of course, we can’t wait to find out what they think of each of our flavours over the coming weeks and months.

Once everyone has received their delicious delivery of Mama Dolce, we will take stock of their feedback and implement any necessary changes into the business. One of our rewards allowed our backers to select experimental flavours. If they go down well, we may have to expand past our six launch flavours.

So, onto the final step. Well, if all goes to plan, we will launch our online shop. More people in the UK will be able to indulge in our free-from dessert and share a tasty treat regardless of allergies or intolerances.

Mama Dolce is dairy free and gluten free, we're also free from eggs, nuts, soya and wheat

We want to build strong relationships with our supporters, investors, and of course, future customers. We also want to be in a position to give back and help the next generation. By continuing to be a part of our journey, you will help make Mama Dolce’s ambitions a reality.

free-from, with love x

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