A New Meaning to Free-From

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Eating food without allergens should not mean replacing them with unnecessary additives and chemicals or unsustainable ingredients

The Food and Drink Federation defines free-from as: “Foods made without certain allergenic ingredients [in] a controlled environment.”

Mama Dolce is taking this meaning one step further, and bringing something new to the free-from ice cream market. This begins with our focus on being a social enterprise, and our plans to start this here.

We believe there is never an excuse to compromise on taste or quality, especially with ingredients. Food Navigator has found that many free-from foods often contain high sugar content to make products taste more like their non-free-from counterparts. Their report noted that 75% of all gluten-free snack products analysed were high in fat, and 69% of them were high in sugar.

We feel your frustration when finding free-from products made with palm oil or soya - both of which have incredibly damaging environmental impacts if not farmed sustainably. That’s why we’ve researched all of our ingredients for you. You deserve the very best free-from choices, and knowing that your food is sustainably sourced is a big part of this.

Great taste should come from high-quality ingredients, rather than from toppings and additives (these are also the most common source of gluten or wheat in frozen desserts!). Mama Dolce not only sources food without allergens for our recipes but by using natural ingredients any unhealthy additives are minimised. Those with food allergies or intolerances don’t need the burden of checking for unnecessary chemicals which may cause them further irritation.

The care we’ve taken in crafting a naturally sweet, sustainable ingredient list is how we hope to redefine the term ‘free-from’ once and for all. No longer will it simply mean the absence of certain allergens or ingredients. With Mama Dolce, ‘free-from’ means being truly inclusive and delicious. This is what Jane wanted.

free-from, with love x

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